Tommy Robinson 'Appears To Punch Fan At Football Match' In Shocking Video

“You’ll get knocked out again, bruv.”

Tommy Robinson up to his old tricks in Portugal yesterday. #NationsLeague #ENG

— . (@Patt3n) June 7, 2019

Footage which purportedly shows Tommy Robinson punching a football fan to the ground has been revealed.

The EDL founder, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, was apparently filmed as he watched the Thursday night game against the Netherlands in Portugal.

In the clip, fans gather around Yaxley-Lennon and his entourage, asking for photographs, before he apparently shouts “who said that?” and then appears to throw a punch, before the man falls to the ground.

The group then walks calmly away as a voice is heard saying: “You’ll get knocked out again, bruv.”

Supporters can be heard shouting: “Go on, Tommy lad.”


The far-right activist, who is a political adviser to the current Ukip leader Gerrard Batten, came in eighth place with 38,908 votes.

Yaxley-Lennon said he had been unable to fight a fair campaign because he was taken off various social media platforms, stating: “Trump won his campaign on social media. Brexit was won on social media. I’m banned from social media.

“So my ability to fight a fair campaign is gone, orchestrated and organised by the government. I feel like I have been fighting with my hands tied behind my back.”

A video had been uploaded to an unknown social media account earlier which showed Yaxley-Lennon wearing the same jacket as the man believed to be him in the video, being approached by a fan at the airport.

LOOOL my friend caught Tommy Robinson slacking in the airport and this is what he asks him 😂😂

— . (@MRNOFACENOCASE_) June 5, 2019

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