27/04/2018 08:01 BST

Top 5 Sustainable And Plastic-Free Makeup Buys

No guilt in our makeup bags please.

As it’s #fashionrevolutionweek where we are asking #WhoMadeMyClothes, we are also stretching this attitude to what lies in our makeup bag. It’s no shocker that most beauty items come in plastic from shampoos to your favourite face wash - so here’s a guide on the top five items that won’t hurt the planet (or your wallet). 

  • Multi-Purpose Stick
    Multi-Purpose Stick
    This UrbaPothecary lips and cheek blush tint stick is a zero waste option with plastic-free packaging and something to use all over your face from your cheek bones to your lids. Available via Etsy for £8.88
  • The New Sponge
    The New Sponge
    The TabithaEveCo vegan Konjac sponge is a plant replacement for the natural sea sponge (which are living organisms) that cleanses your face with its charcoal properties. It's compostable and should be replaced every 2-3 months. Available via Etsy for £3.50.
  • Bars Are Back
    Bars Are Back
    Lush Cosmetics
    As shampoos can be problematic when trying to have a plastic-free wash bag, opt for a shampoo bar instead. With a bar, you'll be able to witness if the product is still fresh, there's no need for any packaging to end up in a landfill.  Lush's range is so expansive, it will fix any hair woe. This Jason and Argan Oil shampoo bar is available for £6.50.
  • 101 Ways To Use This Beauty Balm
    101 Ways To Use This Beauty Balm
    This multi-purpose beauty balm can be used pretty much anywhere on your body - as a face highlighter or moisturising the backs of your knees, it truly is more functional than it is pretty. It doesn't have any essential oils in the balm so perfect for sensitive skin. However, if you have acne-prone skin, instead of slathering the balm all over your face, small dotted layers are recommended. The packaging is also made largely from sugarcane so plastic-free also. Available at Bybi for £18.
  • The Personalised Palette
    The Personalised Palette
    Palettes are usually brought out of the crossover between connivence and variety. What's better than a pre-made palette, is one that can be reusable and personalised. Jennifer Lopez has teamed up with Inglot to produce the Freedom System Palette where you can choose and fit multiple variations of eyeshadows, lip colours, bronzers, highlighters and powders and swap them out when either necessary or finished. Throwaway plastic really is out. Large palette available at Inglot for £14.50.