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'Top Gear' Episode 2: Chris Evans Under Pressure As 'Advisor' Danny Baker Distances Himself

Chris Evans has been under pressure since the show debuted last week.

'Top Gear' returns tonight for Episode 2 of the new series, and Chris Evans and co will be crossing fingers that they will draw at least as many viewers as for last week's debut. 

Two things to look, and listen, out for on tonight (Sunday)'s show… 

The sound of silence? Following the humiliating claims that last week's 'stony silences' during the live studio segments had to be covered up by frantic producers with a canned laughter track, this week those same folk face a dilemma. Do they a) repeat this exercise and leave themselves open to further ridicule, or b) leave the audio track as recorded? They seem caught between a rock and a hard place, and it's a cool-headed exec who makes THAT decision. 

To laugh, or not to laugh? Chris Evans and co are back tonight for Episode 2 of 'Top Gear'

The other thing to look out for will be during the credits. Last week, Chris Evans' bosom pal Danny Baker was listed as 'Writer', but the witty broadcaster has drawn fire this week for penning a tweet in which he appeared to distance himself from the beleaguered production. 

He wrote: “It is stated I am a writer on Top Gear. I am not. I am just an advisor."

Danny had been recruited by his pal Chris to boost the funnies in the script, and the Sun reports he's being paid for his efforts to the tune of £1500 a day. It'll be revealing to read how they describe him this week. 

Ian West/PA Archive
Chris Evans with his longtime pal Danny Baker, who seemingly distanced himself from the show's script this week

Episode 2 sees the return of Chris and his co-host Matt LeBlanc, after the latter emerged from last week's debut with the majority of any praise going for the show. Will Chris Evans be less shouty now he's settled into his seat? Watch this space. 

The celebrity guests this week are 'Homeland' star Damian Lewis and Texas frontwoman Sharleen Spiteri. 'Top Gear' is on at 8pm on BBC Two. Listen out for those chuckles. 

Damian Lewis will be one of the guest stars on this week's show

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