The World's 10 Best Shopping Destinations May Surprise You

Shop 'til you drop in Tokyo.

Some people may travel for the food, other for the views or museums. And then there are the ones who get out of town on a quest to find the best shopping. Behold, Expedia UK's World's 25 Best Shopping Cities list, here to dictate your future travel plans.

The company took a global survey of 25 cities that have major shopping centers. Then, they critiqued each city based on the value of money, number of visitors and the friendliness of the areas, all on a 10-point scale. After tallying up the numbers, Expedia then ranked the places accordingly.

London and Paris reign as fashion capitals, but New York beat them both, coming in at the best city in the world for shopping. Istanbul made the top 10, for its amazing street markets.

For those of us with new jeans and vintage jewelry on the brain, this guide is the perfect way to plan out your next trip. Take a look at the top 10 cities that double as shopping epicenters below, and head over to Expedia to see the full list.

Madrid, Spain
delreycarlos via Getty Images
Take in the buzz of Gran Via, the epicenter of retail in Madrid.
Paris, France
CHICUREL Arnaud / via Getty Images
In the city of light, you must not miss the extravagant department stores that light up Boulevard Haussmann. There goes all of your travel money ...
Istanbul, Turkey
Oliver Smalley / Ollie Smalley Photography via Getty Images
You can visit expansive indoor malls, or you could spend all your time exploring the city's bustling bazaars. We'd pick the latter.
Andrew Watson via Getty Images
According to Expedia, Arab Street supplies beautiful (and colorful) accessories and materials.
Tokyo, Japan
Travelasia via Getty Images
If you're obsessed with fashion, you know that Harajuku, specifically Takeshita Dori, is where you'll find kitschy statement pieces and fantastical clothing.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Plan your visit to Malaysia's capital around July and August, when the country holds the Mega Sale Carnival that boasts 70 percent off discounts. Cha. Ching.
London, England
Alex Segre via Getty Images
Bypass the hoopla of Oxford Street and take a ride to Boxpark to find things no one else has.
Los Angeles, California
Izzet Keribar via Getty Images
With incredible vintage finds all over the city and big retail centers like The Grove, shoppers will have no problem finding great things to take home.
Berlin, Germany
Ulf Boettcher / LOOK-foto via Getty Images
Go straight to the center of Berlin to Mitte, which has a store called Apartment that's chic and aesthetically pleasing.
New York, New York
Sure, Fifth Avenue and Soho are amazing areas for shopping -- but if you want some vintage goods, hop on the L train to Williamsburg in Brooklyn and get to thriftin'.

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