18/09/2016 12:16 BST | Updated 18/09/2016 19:39 BST

Topshop Accused Of Using Band's Trademark On Leather Jacket Without Permission

'Not cool.'

Topshop has been accused of printing a band’s name on a leather jacket without permission.

‘Against Me!’ frontwoman Laura Jane Grace shared a photo of the jacket on Twitter on Saturday 17 September, with the caption:

“Hey @Topshop, you’re selling a $700 leather jacket with my bands name on it and you have no permission. Not cool.”

Responding to questions on Twitter, Grace explained ‘Against Me!’ is a trademark she “legally owns” and added that: “Even the font they used is stolen.” 

Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP
Laura Jane Grace.

The Huffington Post UK asked Topshop for their response to Grace’s allegations.

A spokesperson said: “We are looking into this and in the meantime we have removed the product from and are currently in the process of withdrawing from stores.”

Grace told HuffPost UK the only response she’s received from Topshop is a tweet of the statement above

“I discovered the jacket from a friend who was shopping in the store and took a picture of it and sent it to me,” she explained.

“It’s definitely an infringement as I own the trademark ‘Against Me!’ and I also personally created the font logo they specifically used for the jacket.

“We aren’t the only band logo used on the jacket without permission though. They also used logos for the band ‘The Vandals’ and the ‘Bouncing Souls’ (The heart with crossbones behind it is a Bouncing Souls logo).

“All I’m hoping for is that they immediately stop selling the jacket online and in their stores, which is what they’re saying they’re doing.

“So if that’s the case then great, but if they continue to sell then I’ve already started contacting the other bands about hiring a lawyer.”

This isn’t the first time Topshop has been embroiled in a dispute with a musician.

In January 2015 Rihanna won a legal battle against the high street chain after they stocked a T-shirt featuring a photograph of her without her consent.


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