26/09/2017 12:56 BST | Updated 26/09/2017 16:12 BST

Tower Hill 'Fire' Incident Caused By Mobile Phone Charger, Police Confirm

'Someone's battery charger just caught fire next to me.'

London’s Tower Hill Station was evacuated shortly after midday on Tuesday after a fire alarm was triggered amid reports of a fire in a carriage.

Transport for London told HuffPost UK that they did not yet know what set off the alarm, but did not believe the incident to be “suspicious”. 

A passenger on the Tower Hamlets train, Daniel Griggs, claimed on Twitter that “someone’s battery charger just caught fire next to me”.

The British Transport Police confirmed just after 1pm that the incident was thought to be caused by a “mobile phone charger overheating”. 

The incident comes less than a fortnight after the Parsons Green terror attack in which an explosive that failed to properly detonate during rush hour, injured thirty people.