Megan McKenna Makes An Explosive 'TOWIE' Debut

Megan? Arguing? Never...

Megan McKenna made her ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ debut on Sunday night, and - as expected - she didn’t waste any time in getting involved in an argument.

The former ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ housemate is currently dating ‘TOWIE’ cast member Pete The Pirate (yes, that’s how he likes to be known), and as a result, producers invited Megan to make her debut on the show during its 200th episode.

Megan didn't waste any time before ruffling a few feathers
Megan didn't waste any time before ruffling a few feathers

Her grand entrance came ahead of a huge, celebratory dinner, during which Megan and Chloe Sims ended up in a war of words.

In typical ‘TOWIE’ style, the row erupted rapidly and ended with Megan stood up and doing lots of finger-pointing, much to Chloe’s annoyance, as the shouting got louder and louder.


During one of the party’s quieter moments, Megan took the chance to spill the beans on her relationship with Pete, telling her friends: “I haven't felt this way, I'm excited and he's a really good kisser.”

“Really good... like, sexual,” she added. “He's a gentleman.”

Megan’s relationship with Pete is thought to have landed her a recurring role in ‘TOWIE’, and she’ll continue causing trouble when the show returns on Wednesday (16 March).

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