Indian Parents Throw Traditional Hindu Wedding Ceremony For Gay Son

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Rishi Agarwal is gay. But it's not something that's typically accepted within his culture.

In his youth, Agarwal - who is from India - knew a gay Sikh student who had taken his own life after his parents refused to accept his sexuality. As such he was anxious about coming out to his own family.

But he needn't have been worried.

When Agarwal met the love of his life Daniel Langdon and decided he wanted to marry him, his parents threw the couple a 'big gay Hindu wedding'.

Agarwal, whose family moved to Canada from India in the 1970s, had a very traditional Hindu upbringing and said his religion was always very important to him.

When he first came out to his parents, they were pretty shocked about it. But after plenty of research and attending groups educating people on LGBT issues, they became fully accepting of their son's sexuality.

After Agarwal proposed to his partner Langdon, who he first met in 2011, his parents decided to throw them an amazing Hindu wedding with all of the trimmings.

"We did all the Hindu ceremonies: Mehndi, Sangeet, wedding, the whole shebag," said Agarwal.

"I never thought in my wildest dreams that I could have the wedding that I wanted with the person I loved and with all my family and my friends."

His parents now run a support group helping other Indian families learn to accept their LGBT children and their amazing story has inspired some of Agarwal's friends to come out to their families too.

We love a happy ending.

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