'Trauma' Episode 2 Review: The 8 Questions We're Now Asking

We have a feeling this is all going to end badly.

After winning widespread praise upon its debut, ‘Trauma’ continued apace with its second episode on Tuesday (13 February), as Dan Bowker’s world continued to fall apart.

Still struggling to cope with the death of his son, his marriage and his mental health were put under the spotlight, as he continued his attempts to bring down consultant Jon Allerton.

With the final instalment right ahead of us, these are the questions we’re now asking...

Will Susie make a pass at Jon?

When Jon paid a visit to the Bowker’s house, while speaking to Dan’s wife, it became clear there were problems in the couple’s marriage. Susie also made attempts to flirt with Jon, before later telling her husband she’d like to “fuck him”. Will the next episode see her try her luck with the dishy doctor?

If she did and Dan were to find out about it, we can only how it would affect his mental state and fuel his vendetta against Jon.


Did the hospital thoroughly investigate Dan’s complaint?

When Dan went to the hospital to submit his complaint about Jon’s misconduct, he was told it could take up to four weeks to carry out an initial assessment.

However, he’d received a letter telling him the matter would not be investigated any further within just two days. Has the hospital made attempts to cover up, or at least protect, Jon?

Is something sinister going to happen between Dan and Jon’s wife?

Earlier in the episode, we saw Dan pay a visit to Lisa’s psychiatric practice, where he had a very uncomfortable session.

After making comments on her appearance and admitting he’d wanted to have sex with her, Lisa believed something was going to happen when he reached into his pocket.

While nothing did happen, it became clear he’s developed somewhat of an obsession with her, buying the same expensive clothes she had on during their session for his wife Susie to wear as they had sex. But just how far will his fixation go?


Will Susie end her marriage to Jon?

As previously mentioned, this is a couple on the edge, who aren’t supporting one another through the most difficult time in their lives. Given their alarming episode in the bedroom, surely it’s only a matter of time before their marriage implodes, regardless of any involvement from Jon?

Will Jon’s wife believe he and Nora are having an affair?

After taking pictures of a suspicious (but also completely innocent) moment between Jon and his colleague Nora, Dan sent the photos to Lisa as evidence Jon was having an affair.

Will Lisa confront Jon about it? And if she does, will he be able to convince her there was nothing untoward going on?

But actually, is there more to Jon and Nora’s relationship?

We’ve certainly not seen anything on screen to suggest this so far, but in a press pack for the series, it is suggested Nora might have an attraction to Jon, with her character description reading: “It would be easy to think that Nora might like their relationship to be something more.”


What is Dan going to do with the knife?

At the end of the episode, we saw Dan put a knife in his bag and head to Jon’s house, where Jade was busy planning her gap year. Will he exact the ultimate revenge on Jon by killing his daughter, or is she not his intended target? Either way, he must have a plan for that knife.

Did Jon make a mistake in Alex’s operation?

Yes, we know we already asked this question yesterday, but there were more indications Jon might be concealing his guilt in this episode.

Not only was he on edge during his presentation on Alex’s death, but there was also another relative of a patient seemingly unwilling to trust him.

Equally though, his conduct during both of these incidents could be explained by the pressure Dan’s vendetta had been putting him under, so we guess we’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to find out the truth.

‘Trauma’ concludes on Wednesday at 9pm on ITV.


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