If You've Forgotten How Horrendous Noughties Fashion Was, Let Us Remind You

Did this really happen?

It seems we are suffering from a collective amnesia, having wiped the true horrors of noughties fashion from our consciousness.

We can all share a fond nostalgia for Britney and Justin’s double denim party, but we seem to have forgotten what we allowed to unfold on this side of the pond.

Trinny and Susannah.

‘What Not To Wear’ aired on BBC between 2001 and 2005, and saw Trinny and Susannah rip women to shreds over their sartorial choices and then try to put them in a pair of bootleg jeans for a job interview.

Now excerpts from their book (by the same name) have surfaced on Twitter, and we are all forced to ask ourselves - did we really let this happen?


”Everything is too tight so she looks tarty.”


”Wearing every trend of the season makes you look like you’re obsessed with your appearance.”


”I’m fantastic fun to hang out with.”


”Take off knickers.”


Let’s not let this happen again.


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