The 1 Simple Movement Gut Doctors Use To Ease Bloating ASAP

There's no bloat like Christmas bloat.
Kinga Krzeminska via Getty Images

While one of the true joys of Christmas is indulging in the food and drink you’ve lovingly saved for the Big Day, later on in the day and the days after can come with some discomfort. In fact, according to the NHS, their heartburn advice is seen every 13 seconds on Christmas Day. Whew.

Luckily, if you’re feeling the festive bloat, gut specialist Dr Megan Rossi appeared on This Morning yesterday to share a simple exercise which can alleviate the discomfort and tension that bloating brings.

The exercise that helps with bloating

It’s actually a very popular yoga pose called “The Cat-Cow”. If you are slightly taken aback at the name, you’re not alone. This Morning host Rylan Clark was too, but it pertains to the stance that you take during the pose and the movements you make.

To do this pose, you need to get on all fours and Rossi recommends imagining “pulling your belly button up to your thigh” which should result in an arched back. This is the “cat” pose.

Then, you breathe back out, lift your head upwards, exhale and you’ve achieved the “cow” pose.

Rossi said that this movement helps to relax gut muscles, and prevents trapped gas which can contribute to bloating.

The gut doctor then offered five top tips for people struggling with bloating:

  • Consider fasting for three hours before going to bed. This is because our digestive system slows of an evening and lying down after having food can lead to trapped gas
  • Opt for multiple small portions as opposed to large meals
  • Have around 80g of fresh fruit per sitting and space them out across the day to three sittings
  • Limit alcohol consumption, especially bubbly alcohols like prosecco
  • Wear comfortable, loose clothes to reduce pressure on the gut

Brb, I’m off to get into my Christmas pyjamas. For health reasons, obviously.