As Jennifer Aniston Reveals She Hated 'Friends' Theme Song, We Ask... What's Your Favourite TV Theme Ever?

Ear-worms alert!

Jennifer Aniston has this week let slip one of the great remaining secrets of show business - that neither she, nor any of her former ‘Friends’ cast-mates ever had any fondness for their show’s ear-worm theme song, ‘I’ll be there for you.”

The subject of the Rembrandts’ timeless anthem to flat-sharing came up during Jennifer’s appearance on The One Show, when Alex Jones asked her if she liked the song. The shock twist? Jen’s reply, that “no-one was really a big fan of that theme song”. Ouch!

Fair enough - she had to hear it plenty of times during her 236 episodes on the show. But it has got us thinking, what is the best all-time TV theme song? And what makes a cracker? Does it have to stand alone, or should it best embody the values of the show to which it belongs?

Either way, a quick office poll has revealed our short-list. Vote for your favourite from the top tunes below...

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