13 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up What Happens When You Reach Your Late Twenties

Bills, bills, bills.

Adulthood is fraught with obstacles that we have to learn to overcome: paying bills, booking our own doctor’s appointments and cooking something other than pesto pasta.

Here are 13 tweets, using the #signsimagrownup hashtag, that perfectly sum up the life changes that occur when you reach your late twenties.

1. Your body turns against you.

2. You learn to face your fears.

3. You command a new level of respect in public.

4. You plan your meals for the week.

5. You clean up after yourself.

6. You buy your own alcohol.

7. You prioritise oral hygiene.

8. You pursue new hobbies.

9. You thank God you were never a teenager.

10. You take responsibility for things other than yourself.

11. And accept that responsibilities aren’t just there to be ignored.

12. You realise your mum was actually right all along.

13. And you learn what really matters in life.