17/05/2017 13:04 BST

As 'Twin Peaks' Returns To Screen, We Count Down Its 10 Wackiest Original Characters

27 years after it originally appeared, 'Twin Peaks' is back.

It’s been an astonishing 27 years since the inside edges of David Lynch‘s extraordinary imagination were put on display with the debut of his ground-breaking drama ‘Twin Peaks’.

Now, due to popular demand, the show is set for a much-anticipated return this weekend, with an impressive number of the original cast joining ‘Twin Peaks: The Return’, although future storylines have been kept under lock and key.

Everything seemed so ordinary on the surface of 'Twin Peaks'

Longtime fans of the show will no doubt be hoping for a similar dose of the enigmatic and eccentric that came with the original show when, as with the director’s big screen offerings (‘Blue Velvet’, ‘Mulholland Drive’), ‘Twin Peaks’ provided a deceptively ordinary tale of small-town life, surveyed through an increasingly surreal lens.

Following the death of homecoming queen Laura Palmer and the attack on another girl, an FBI agent arrived to explore the truths of the small Pacific Northwest town of Twin Peaks, and uncover who would have wanted to harm them. What he found out is that no one was quite who they appeared to be.

Ahead of the highly-anticipated return of the multi-Award-winning show that many credit for beginning the golden age of TV, we count down the top 10 most unusual original residents of Twin Peaks...

  • 10 10. Dr Hayward
    10. Dr Hayward
    William Hayward (played by Warren Frost) is the doctor of Twin Peaks. Due to his close relationship with Laura Palmer, he refuses to perform an autopsy. His first name is not generally used and he is normally referred to as just "Doc" most of the time.
  • 9 9. Laura Palmer
    9. Laura Palmer
    Laura (played by Sheryl Lee) is the murder victim at the centre of the story and thus the character who links everybody together. She was the town’s darling who volunteered at Meals on Wheels and was the high school Homecoming queen.
  • 8 8. Audrey Horne
    8. Audrey Horne
    Audrey (played by Sherilyn Fenn) is Ben’s sultry teenaged daughter. She fits into the stereotypical poor little rich girl who has everything she needs apart from her father’s love, but she has a very dark side.
  • 7 7. Dale Cooper
    7. Dale Cooper
    Dale (Kyle McLachlan) is the lead investigator in the murder of Laura Palmer. He falls in Love with Twin Peaks and all its rural life. He is a Buddhist, fascinated with paranormal life.
  • 6 6. Benjamin Horne
    6. Benjamin Horne
    Benjamin (played by Richard Beymer) is the richest citizen of the eponymous town. He owns the Great Northern Hotel, Horne’s Department Store and has a brother on the Canadian border.
  • 5 5. Ronette Pulaski
    5. Ronette Pulaski
    Ronette Pulaski (played by Phoebe Augustine) was with Laura on the night that she died. She attended Twin Peaks High School and worked at the perfume counter at Horne's Department Store, and at One-Eyed Jack's, before being fired from both jobs.
  • 4 4. Leo Johson
    4. Leo Johson
    Leo (played by Eric Da Re) is a trucker who also moonlights as Twin Peak’s primary source of narcotics, which he obtains from the Renault Brothers, and traffics it over the Canadian / US border in Twin Peaks. Leo is married to Shelly, one of the waitresses at the town diner. At the start of the series Leo is one of the primary suspects in the murder of Laura Palmer.
  • 3 3. The Giant
    3. The Giant
    The giant (played by Carel Struycken) is a supernatural being who appears in key moments and provides Cooper with cryptic clues.
  • 2 2. Bob
    2. Bob
    Bob (played by Frank Silva) is a spirit who feeds on human pain and suffering. He seeks to possess a single human host to be able to commit acts of rape and murder, in order to feast on the fear and sufferings of his victims. As you do. He makes his first appearance in the pilot episode.
  • 1 1. Margaret Lanterman aka The Log Lady
    1. Margaret Lanterman aka The Log Lady
    At the top of our list... The log lady (played by the late Caroline E.Coulson) is a mystic character known for carrying a cut log with her that she claims has agency to be able to perceive events.

’Twin Peaks: The Return’ will be available to UK residents on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV from Monday.