Uber Driver Catches Her Boyfriend Cheating After Driving Mistress To His Apartment

#UberBae 💔

An Uber driver found out her boyfriend was cheating on her, after the other woman got in her taxi to be dropped off at his place.

The 24-year-old, known only as Twitter user @Mixelaa, explained that her boyfriend had told her he was out of town that weekend to visit his sick mother.

But she says she soon learned that he had another woman coming over to stay with him - after she picked up said women on an Uber job and dropped her off at her boyfriend’s.


The woman took to Twitter to retell the story of her boyfriend’s alleged infidelity, earning her the moniker #UberBae.

Grab popcorn.

The journey began like any other normal journey.

Her boyfriend had covered his tracks by pretending he was going away.

But then the reality of the situation became clear.

He came outside to meet the other woman and all hell broke loose.

#UberBae continued the tale explaining that the other woman and her got into a fight, before she left in her car with the woman’s luggage still inside the boot. She also proudly revealed that she is now single.

Naturally Twitter exploded at the tale, with many users commenting to express their disbelief.

Read the full Twitter moment here for a detailed explanation of what happened.