UK Gardeners Urged To Use Bananas To Help Roses Bloom

The yellow fruit contains lots of goodness that helps plants to grow.

As we’re heading into the cold, dark months of winter, you might already be thinking of the plants you’ll be growing in those early, brighter days of spring.

And if you’re the proud owner of several varieties of rose (or even just one bush) this next little titbit might just excite you.

According to gardening experts at House Digest, bananas could be the answer to a beautiful, blooming rose garden – and, as an added bonus, they protect flowers from bugs and can save you money on fertiliser.

How to use bananas to make roses bloom

It’s very simple: chop up your leftover banana peel and, when you go to plant your rose in the ground, place it at the bottom of the hole where the roots will be.

This works because it allows nutrients from the peels to gradually release into the soil, meaning the roses are nourished from the root up. Gorgeous.

Additionally, according to Popular Mechanics, chopping up banana peels and burying them an inch or two into soil will deter aphids from your plants – but be careful to not use whole peels as these can attract squirrels and rodents.

According to the Guardian, it’s best to add banana peels to the base of your roses in February – and then again once they’re in full bloom.

TikTok users have been using this handy tip for store-bought roses to give the plants nutrients that may have been lost while they were in storage.

Benefits of banana peels for plants

According to Brisbane City Council, banana peels offer a wealth of benefits to plants, including:

  • calcium, which promotes root growth and helps add oxygen to your soil
  • magnesium, which assists with photosynthesis
  • sulphur, which helps plants develop strong roots and repel pests
  • phosphorus, which improves fruiting and flowering and assists with pollination and seed germination and viability
  • potassium, which improves general plant vigour, including building resistance to pests and diseases and assists with fruit development.

The council also added that adding banana peels to a container, covering with water and then leaving them for two to three days can create a nutrient-rich water that’s ideal for watering and misting plant leaves.

Once you’ve made your banana water solution, the peels can then be placed in compost or directly into soil.

A zero waste solution that leaves my garden looking bold and beautiful? Sold.