This Bra Lets You Know Who Has Been Staring At Your Boobs

It can even detect faces through clothes.

A new 'smart' bra has been designed to catch out those with wandering eyes.

British lingerie label Ultimo have just announced the launch of their Cleavage Spy Bra, created by a team of tech designers to find out who's been secretly checking you out.

The bra features a built-in bluetooth camera hidden discreetly between the cups, with timed software that detects if someone's eyes remain locked on your chest for more than three seconds.


If someone's been peering down your top, the camera will capture an image and use facial recognition technology that can even detect faces through your clothes.

The Cleavage Cam App can be downloaded to your smartphone, to store images of those caught in the act and let you see who’s been staring at your chest.


Ultimo revealed it has plans to take the app to the next level later this year by expanding in into a dating site, matching you with those whom you don’t mind glancing at your cleavage.

If you think this is too weird to be true, you're right. It's an early April Fool's from Ultimo. We can't decide if we're relieved or disappointed...