10/02/2017 16:38 GMT

Ultrasound Can Be Used To Age Liquor In Days Rather Than Years, Study Finds

Even the experts were convinced.

It normally takes years for brandy to mature, but researchers claim to have found a novel way to cut the process down to just a few days.

The miracle ingredient? Ultrasound energy.

Researchers blasted distilled wine as it flowed through American oak chips, accelerating the release of bioactive compounds stored within the cells. According to the study, the whole shebang took just three days.

jeka1984 via Getty Images

It was inspired by previous research that indicates ultrasound can be used to extract chemicals from plants by causing their tissues to rupture.

Study co-author Valme García, a professor at the University of Cádiz in Spain, told Discover: “Obtaining, in three days, a spirit with characteristics near to two-years-aged brandies was something really unexpected for us.”

Once it was ready, the samples were tested on eight brandy connoisseurs who deemed it nearly as good as the real thing.

Because it’s not been aged in oak casks, it can’t officially be marketed as a brandy. But if it’s as delicious as the judges claim, we don’t think that will be a big deterrent. 

The scientists are now looking to apply the same process to wines.