Una Healy Reveals Her Son Caused 'Chaos' On A Flight With A Toddler Tantrum

'Fortunately it was quite a short flight.'

Una Healy has revealed her son is becoming prone to toddler tantrums.

The 35-year-old Saturdays singer has two children with rugby-player-husband Ben Foden - Aoife Belle, four, and Tadhg, who will celebrate his second birthday in February.

And it seems Healy is getting a taste of the ‘terrible twos’ a little prematurely.

Healy explained to The Irish Mirror that Tadhg’s latest display took place on a busy flight from their home in Ireland.

The mother-of-two said: “We were at a wedding recently and he kicked off on the plane, there and back. Aoife was nice and quiet but Tadhg really went for it.

“We were trying to pacify him the best way we could with treats and drinks and the iPad. It was chaos.”

Fortunately for Healy, who is about to launch a solo music career, it seemed the other passengers were sympathetic to her plight.

“I think they felt for us,” she said.

In the last few months Healy has been sharing other examples of Tadhg’s behaviour with her fans on Instagram.

This is what happens when your kids have had enough of filming! and yes it was right in the face!!! 😣

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Including a particularly “cheeky” moment when he stole a cake from her kitchen worktop and got caught red handed.