12/01/2017 10:37 GMT | Updated 12/01/2017 10:50 GMT

'Unforgotten' Episode 2: 12 Burning Questions We Have Ahead Of Tonight's Cold Case Crime Drama

What happened to David Walker?

‘Unforgotten’ continues tonight with detectives Cassie and Sunny now in possession of the identity of their long-dead victim. 

The next question is how David Walker met his untimely death... and how he was connected to each of the disparate characters we met in the first episode, including nurse Marion, teacher Sara, barrister Colin and David’s widow Tessa. 

12 other burning questions we have ahead of Episode 2 include...

Cassie and Sunny lead their team on the investigation of David Walker's fate

What is Marion’s real problem with her sister Elise?

And why does the clearly compassionate nurse cross the line, albeit with good intentions, with her patients, much to her husband’s concern? 

While we’re on the subject, just how frustrated is Tony by his preoccupied, overworked wife, and how close is he really to his sister-in-law Elise?

What do we think of teacher Sara Mahmoud and her ‘Macbeth’ class - including her questions about whether women are less evil than men? 

We know that Tyler was following Colin and Simon, waiting for his moment to extort some cash. He got lucky, spotting Colin’s vandalism - was this pure chance - or was Colin set up by someone else?

What will Colin do, as a barrister who has everything to lose now he’s being blackmailed?

Why hasn’t he told his partner Simon?

Episode 2 sees Cassie and Sunny find their way to barrister Colin

Meanwhile, why is Jason Walker such a loner - what’s gone wrong, and does it have anything to do with his father’s disappearance?

What does Tessa’s new husband Paul REALLY think of her loser son Jason? He APPEARS very supportive, but it is Douglas Hodge, so expect his role to grow as the series continues... 

As for his mother Tessa - how upset was she really? As Cassie pointed out, as a veteran copper, she’d know exactly how to “fake it better than most”. 

What do you reckon will be on that pager now Nathan’s cracked the code?

Finally, will Cassie be persuaded to follow her father into the dating world?

Any ideas to @FrostReporter, please - I’ll be sure to add to next week’s round-up.

‘Unforgotten’ continues on ITV on Thursdays. You can catch up on ITVPlayer.