19/01/2017 11:51 GMT | Updated 19/01/2017 11:53 GMT

'Unforgotten' Episode 3: 10 Burning Questions We Have Ahead Of Tonight's Nicola Walker Cold Crime Drama

So many lies...

‘Unforgotten’ is only two episodes in, and already it’s exerted its grip on us, just as the first series did. 

With Episode 3 tonight, the victim’s identity has been established, the police are beginning to reconstruct David Walker’s world, and the people in it are starting to lie. We have the following questions, just for starters...

1. Who told nurse Marion’s boss about her phone calls with patient Zoe? We’re thinking husband, Tony, obviously, but there could be other people in the frame, for example, her sister Elise? 

2. ‘You think I’m going to get sick again’ - what happened to Marion before? 

3. Did David’s widow Tessa Nixon really fail to recognise any of the numbers in her dead husband’s pager?

Sunny and Cassie continue to investigate the fate of David Walker

4. Meanwhile, Tessa’s husband Paul (Douglas Hodge) is doing a good impression of a supportive step-father in the face of Jason’s anguish over his father’s fate, but what does he really feel? And did he know David?

5. Why did Tessa really wait until the 10th to report her husband missing, two days after he’d disappeared on the 8th?

6. Why was David Walker carrying a pager with the address of a brothel in Kings Cross? Did Tessa know about this?

7. Why did Colin leave his former profession of banking so abruptly and become a barrister on the side of the angels?

8. Talking of changed paths, our detectives have also uncovered Sara Mahmoud’s pre-teacher past, but do her lies extend to anything more sinister than covering up her shady history? She says she was out of the country when David ‘could have been a client’ Walker disappeared, but the flashback scenes are disturbing...

9. Will lonely Jason get together with his downstairs neighbour by the final episode?

10. Talking of romance, why WAS Cassie’s father in Winchester on Wednesday? A date he doesn’t want his daughter to find out about, we’re guessing - but with who?

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‘Unforgotten’ continues tonight on ITV at 9pm.