20/01/2017 13:17 GMT

'Unforgotten' Episode 3 Review: 10 Burning Questions We Have For Nicola Walker Sanjeev Bhaskar Crime Drama

Why DID that meeting take place?

We’re halfway through the gripping ‘Unforgotten’ now, and the strings around the various characters who were connected to David Walker before his death are being pulled ever tighter. 

After last night’s plot-turning Episode 3, these are just some of the questions that have us scratching our heads... 

1. How are Colin and Simon going to deal with Colin’s blackmailer? They have a lot to lose with their prospective adoption, but no solution seems risk-free…

2. Will Tessa confide any secrets to her increasingly suspicious husband?

What does Tessa know about her husband's movements that she's not letting on, much to the consternation of her suspicious husband Paul?

3. Was there any particular reason Jason Walker wanted so badly to see the body of his dead father David? Was it really just to say goodbye properly, or was there something more complicated afoot?

4. Was David Walker’s school abuser anything to do with his death? That, plus his use of prostitutes, is adding up to a complicated past

5. Cassie’s chat with Marion verged on the hostile. Apart from her activist past, what is she hiding, and why did David have her mother’s address?

 Cassie and Sunny continue to unpick the threads of David Walker's life and death

6. Inevitably, it transpired that Colin DID know David Walker, despite his earlier denials? What occurred between them, and did it have something to do with the latter’s death?

7. Was Colin’s breakdown around the same time a complete coincidence - if not, what caused it?

8. Never mind all that, immersed until now in their seemingly disparate lives, how did Sara, Colin and Marion end up having that urgent, secret discussion in the pub, who arranged it and what did they need to talk about?

9. And why no Tessa at the table?

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