'Unforgotten' Review: Five Burning Questions We Have Following Episode 5 Of Nicola Walker Crime Drama

Only one episode to go...

Only one more episode to go of ‘Unforgotten’ and, if anything, it’s got a bit more confusing, not less.

First things first - never mind the crime, because the detectives, the only ones on TV WITHOUT too complicated personal lives to distract us, have only gone and got soppy on each other. No, nothing happened and yes, they blamed the booze, but still... the damage is done, with everyone from Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepherd to Ross and Rachel knowing this does NOT. END. WELL. Get a grip people - there’s a murder to be solved!

<strong>Gary (Mark Bonnar) showed his merciless side when confronted with his blackmailer</strong>
Gary (Mark Bonnar) showed his merciless side when confronted with his blackmailer

Fortunately, it looks as though they have, with Cassie not even in her getaway cab before she’d put her mind back on the crime, and working out who’s done what. We still have to wait a week to see what theory she’s concocted, but in the meantime...

1. “I’m not the kind of man who forgets when someone screws him over.” The genteel Colin revealed some proper menace when faced once again with his tireless blackmailer. Was he just referring to his present or his past too?

2. Why would David Walker have set up Colin to be targeted with a rape allegation back in 1990?

3. Now the child abuse ring is up front and centre, that appears to push Douglas Hodge aka Tessa’s husband out of the equation, but what about Wendy Craig’s character Joy, Marion’s mother? Surely if her daughter was being abused, she’d go to some pretty drastic ends to avenge this... just a thought.

4. Following the voluntary interviews concerning the horrific gatherings in the early 1980s, we have Colin saying he was still in Scotland, Marion saying she was in Ireland at the time of the gatherings. Zara wasn’t anywhere overseas, BUT she was, as proved, in Rome during the time David Walker was later killed. So... who dunnit?

5. Crossing fingers this isn’t an Agatha Christie type thing where various characters (I’m not spoiling it, but you know the one I mean!) end up covering for each other, that would be too neat. But if not all of them, which one?

Tweet your theories to @FrostReporter and I’ll be sure to include them in next week’s theories round-up, ahead of next Thursday’s concluding episode.

‘Unforgotten’ concludes next Thursday at 9pm on ITV. Catch up on ITVPlayer.

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