Revealed: The Unhealthiest Towns And Cities In The UK

How healthy is your hometown?

Dudley has been named as the unhealthiest place to live in the UK.

The town has just three gyms and 10 McDonald’s restaurants per 100,000 people.

In the independent analysis of towns and cities across the UK, Dudley’s neighbour Walsall was named as the second most unhealthy place to live followed by Wakefield, Wigan and - perhaps surprisingly - London.

IAN HOOTON/SPL via Getty Images

Researchers on behalf of looked at a number of factors that help people lead fit and healthy lifestyles. Some of these included the number of gym memberships, fast food outlets, cycle routes, swimming pools and parks present in each town or city.

They then employed a weighted index in which every city was ranked by a score awarded to it for each factor. Each location was then ranked from 1st to 31st based on its total score.

The data revealed that the healthiest place to live is Bristol, which boasts a staggering 234 cycle routes and 45 sports clubs and shops per 100,000 people.

Nottingham, Edinburgh and Cardiff were also among the healthiest cities to live.