20/02/2017 21:38 GMT | Updated 21/02/2017 09:30 GMT

University Challenge Contestant Sophie Rudd Becomes Quiz Show Legend With Incredible Last Minute Answer

'Not all heroes wear capes'.

Some University Challenge contestants steal our hearts from the second they appear on screen - Bobby Seagull and Eric Monkman had barely answered a question before they became fan favourites.

For other students on the show though, it’s a performance later in the series that cements them as a UC legend. 

Enter Sophie Rudd from Warwick University. In a nail-biting match against Bristol, Rudd claimed her place in quiz show history when she excitedly screamed an answer to take the lead and keep her team in the competition. 

Warwick University contestant Sophie Rudd became a fan favourite with her incredible last-minute answer 

Asked by Jeremy Paxman: “Which Austrian director’s first sound film was entitled M”, the Computer Science student shrieked “Fritz Lang”. 

The iconic response took the team to 115 points - enough surpass their competitors, who had been in the lead for most of the show.

Viewers were pretty excited about Rudd’s epic end to the match:  

Seriously, fans are obsessed with her: 

Thankfully, Rudd and her team will be back on our screens in another quarter-final match soon. 

Can you even imagine just how amazing a Rudd v Seagull showdown would be?