06/02/2017 21:44 GMT | Updated 06/02/2017 21:48 GMT

University Challenge Contestant Luke Dale Causes Stir With Incredible Outfit Choice

But is it more jockey or Flash Gordon?

There have been some legendary outfits on University Challenge over the years. 

From psychedelic shirts to Sam Fairbrother’s famous black muscle tee, some incredible fashion choices have graced our screens on Monday evenings. 

But Edinburgh University’s Luke Dale took it to the next level last night when he donned a rather... interesting white and red sweater for the occasion. 

University Challenge viewers were obsessed with contestant Luke Dale's unusual fashion choice 

As you might expect, University Challenge fans were quick to make comparisons:  

But one fan believes he’s cracked where the shirt has actually come from:

It’s not the first time Dale has caused a stir with his University Challenge wardrobe - when he appeared on the show back in November, viewers were worried he had wandered off the set of a 70’s sci-fi programme. 

Thankfully, Dale and his Edinburgh team stormed to victory against their competitors from Birmingham with a 220-125 win, meaning they are still in with a shot at the title. 

Can you imagine the amazing outfit Dale would wear if they made it through to the final? 

We can only dream.