09/08/2016 12:16 BST

'University Challenge' Team Stuns Viewers With Spectacular Music Fail

What have they been doing instead?

Those boffins on ‘University Challenge’ usually succeed in making the rest of us feel deeply inadequate when it comes to our knowledge.

However, Monday evening’s episode left viewers asking another question of one team in particular, namely: WHERE HAVE THEY BEEN?

It was all going swimmingly for Oriel College, until the music round caught them unawares.

As Jeremy Paxman played clips from songs by The Cure, The Clash and… George Michael!… the eggheads scratched their big foreheads in vain, and failed to come up with even the wildest guess.

Viewers were quick to mock.

Best get back onto demi-gods of the antediluvian period, Oriel. Meanwhile, Siantonas is a worthy member of this particular hall of fame... (Tap the picture below to open our slideshow):

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