University Of Edinburgh University Challenge Team Is Stuck In A 70s Time Warp

Brown suede jackets are back in fashion - apparently.

Tonight’s University Challenge saw Edinburgh students take on the Open University in a nail-biting second round match that came down to a sudden death round for a place in the quarter-finals.

But it wasn’t the academic prowess of the teams that got viewers excited. (Surprise, surprise.)

It was the fact that the Edinburgh team appeared to have been teleported in from the 1970s for the match.

Contestant Luke Dale and his unusual brown suede jacket proved to be particularly good fodder for fans’ comparisons.

Fellow University of Edinburgh contestant Joe Boyle also got in on the action, with viewers convinced that he too was stuck in some kind of time warp.

Luckily, the Edinburgh team won the challenge 195-185 thanks to a last minute blinder from Smith, so they and their retro wardrobes will be back in the quarter finals.


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