25 Tweets About The Most Unwelcome Advice Parents Have Received

"Put them down sleepy but awake."
izusek via Getty Images

Nothing elicits more uninvited commentary from strangers than a crying baby: They’re hot! They’re cold! They’re hungry! You’re holding them wrong!

It’s enough to make new parents want to hide indoors. But the fun doesn’t stop when your child enters toddlerhood.

Friends, relatives and passersby are more than happy to offer words of wisdom, whether your child is writhing and melting down or sleeping peacefully in their stroller.

And while words of solidarity and encouragement are generally appreciated, some of the things people feel compelled to share really leave you wondering.

From the blatantly obvious to the utterly insane, Twitter users have shared the pieces of advice they’ve been given that they really wish people had kept to themselves.