The Average Woman Owns Over $500 Worth Of Unworn Clothing, New Survey Reports

The Average Woman Has HOW Much Money Worth Of Unworn Clothing In Her Closet?

Well, this kind of gives the phrase "I have nothing to wear!" a run for its money.

A new survey conducted by VoucherCloud revealed that the average woman has $550 of unworn clothing in her closet.

The survey, which studied the shopping of 2,137 women aged 18 and over, found that the majority of the group admitted to having never worn at least 20 percent of the items in their wardrobes. Most commonly lost in the abyss are shoes and coats.

The participants were also asked why these items were never worn (and were given the option to choose any that apply.) A whopping 75 percent admitted to preferring other pieces instead, while 51 percent cited negative reactions from their partner or friends.

Naturally, this brings up a seemingly obvious question -- why not just return what you don't wear? Well, according to the survey, 39 percent simply said they "couldn't be bothered" to take it back. Clearly, this is not an uncommon feeling, however, when you take into account just how much money you waste by not taking the time to return something, it becomes way more appealing to just get up and do it.

So, what can we do to keep our bank accounts from dwindling and our closets from overflowing with things we don't wear? Well, for starters, next time you want to set out on a big shopping trip, take an inventory of the things you already have. Try and figure out what you actually need, and if there is anything in there that can be returned, given to friends or donated. That will give you an excuse to not only play around with the pieces in your wardrobe you may have forgotten about, but might even make you feel better about the purchases you do end up making.

CLARIFICATION: The survey was conducted by email among women age 18+ who were part of an opt-in online database recruited by the PR firm 10 Yetis through their associated sites. The results can be viewed here.

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