Usain Bolt Throws The Javelin 56m In Rio Olympic Stadium

Jamaican hurled the thing after hours with only volunteers watching.

Usain Bolt has made no secret of his love of football, and joked Manchester United should give him a five-year contract.

Now the fastest man alive has shown his prowess in another sport: the javelin.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, the sprinter picked up the spear at Rio’s Olympic Stadium with only volunteers watching.

In classic javelin thrower style, Bolt appealed to the modest crowd to clap as he made his run-up and hurled his new sporting instrument.

The throw was recorded by French journalist Franck Ballanger, who posted the clip on Twitter.

He says Bolt reached a distance of 56 metres with his throw - some way off the 90.3m made by Thomas Rohler of Germany to win gold in Rio. But not bad for beginners.

Franck Ballanger

Bolt’s effort comes at the end of an extraordinary Olympic career. He boasts a clean sweep of 100m, 200m and sprint relay golds from three successive Games.