Why Sleep Is The Best Thing You Can Do On Vacation

Roam the streets, then roam the sheets.
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For some travelers, relaxing while on vacation seems like the last thing they should do. Trips are best spent exploring, culture-seeking and absorbing every single second, right?

Not quite.

Travel can indeed teach lessons that alter the course of your life. But it also serves as a time to decompress, unplug and get to know your true self, the one that exists after all the pressures and problems of daily life are stripped away. Quality rest is a critical part of this self-discovery experience.

Vacation is also the perfect time to start building a sleep schedule that'll stick to when you get home. And doing so will change your life just as much as ANY cultural epiphany.

Allow us to explain...

Vacation is the ideal training ground for new habits.

If you need to build a healthier sleep routine (and let's face it, you probably do), then vacation is the easiest time to take action. You'll likely be on a break from work, so avoiding your phone and computer before bedtime -- a key ingredient to healthy sleep -- will be easier to do. Experts say a new bed helps you detach from the usual stress you feel at home, and vacation schedules leave more free time for sleep. Now's the time to get in your optimal sleep groove!

And your hotel can help you get there.


Many hotels have jumped on the snooze train, offering stretching classes, pillow menus, tea selections, special lighting and even sleep coaches that help you relax and get the best sleep you can. Take advantage of the perks your hotel offers -- or even choose a hotel based on their sleep program -- and let them assist you in learning healthy habits.

You'll notice the difference of REAL sleep.

Trust us, you will feel a difference between eight hours of sleep and your usual five or six. And without an office to rush to in the morning, you'll be able to recognize this feeling more readily. Let vacation be the time you let yourself discover and decide that sleeping feels GOOD!

The bed is better than yours.

There's a reason hotel beds are so perfect: Their all-white color scheme, high-quality fluff and streamlined design make them the psychological equivalent of big, puffy clouds from heaven. Enjoy them!

And the sex is better, too.

A number of chemical responses cause our brains to savor hotel sex more than the average night in. If that's not enough motivation to hit the hay, then nothing is.

Good night, and good flight!

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