10/11/2016 13:18 GMT

Vulva Vases Are A Blooming Brilliant Way To Brighten Any Feminist Home


Proud feminists can now store their freshly picked flowers in a vulva.

Perth-based ceramic artist Laurie Melia handcrafts vagina vases, complete with ornate vulvas and painted pubic hair, which are then sold on her Etsy page.

Needless to say, we can’t get enough of them.

YellowTreeStore’ also sells vulva incense holders (because, why not?!) as well as sloth necklaces and Nicolas Cage cushions. 

The vulva creations come in all shapes and sizes, colours and styles - just like the real deal!

Placed on the centre of your table, they’re sure to be a conversation starter. 

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Vagina-based homeware is becoming increasingly popular online.

Earlier this month, Etsy store Feltmelons made headlines for selling hand-fashioned vulva baubles made from soft felt.

“Each vaginament is my own design, and each is endearingly cut, assembled, and entirely stitched by hand in my dining room in Burlington, Ontario, Canada,” said store owner Suzanne McAleenan.

“No vaginaments are exactly the same…it’s all part of their charm.”