8 Of The Best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For People In A New Relationship

No pressure.
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If the prospect of buying a Valentine’s gift for a new(ish) person in your life brings you out in a cold sweat, you’re not alone.

First, there’s the fear that a grand gesture may scare them off. Then, the worry they may not get you anything in return, which would be awkward. And, let’s be honest, if it’s early days you don’t want to spend loads incase the relationship turns sour in a few weeks.

The solution? Plan a nice evening, such as a homemade dinner or trip to a comedy club – as long as it won’t involved being crammed into a restaurant with lots of other couples. And as for gifts, keep it light, bright and inexpensive. Here are nine great ideas we’d love to receive on a friend Valentine’s Day.

Bloom & Wild

The Piper bouquet, Bloom & Wild, £30

Yes we realise it might sound cliché, but we’re all about the flowers – and not any old petrol station blooms either. This beautiful bouquet called ‘The Piper’ is a best-seller at Bloom & Wild, so there’s a high chance your other half will love it. The flowers are also great for long distance relationships, as they fit straight through the letterbox.


‘You Repulse Me The Least’ chocolate, Firebox, £7.99

They’ll expect a tin of Roses, what they won’t expect is a chocolate bar with a message that basically screams playing it cool. If feelings aren’t your strong point, this one’s for you.

Oliver Bonas

Awesome People Club mug, Oliver Bonas, was £12, now £9.50

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a mug. Well, actually, this one does quite a good job of telling your beau how bloody marvellous they are. And every time they slurp their tea they can think of you.


Set of two Prosecco/Champagne glasses, Debenhams, £14.95

For the folks who plan on glugging a tonne of Prosecco on Valentine’s Day, this Champagne flute set is the perfect gift for your other half to keep in their kitchen so you can toast to some more big milestones in the future. Plus, glasses are just really handy to have around.

Show Them They’re Treasured

Martha Brook

Treasure hunt set, Martha Brook, £16

We’re entering cheesy territory here but if you can’t be a big old cheese ball on Valentine’s Day, when can you? This treasure hunt is readymade so all you need to do is hide the envelopes around the house, and then fill out the card which is the last destination. You could also leave a gift or other surprise of your choosing at the end, if you so wish.

Picture Perfect

Sass & Belle

Black photo frame, Sass & Belle, £9

A stylish and functional bit of homeware that’s the perfect size for holding Instagram snaps - we spoil you. And you know that gorgeous selfie you took together a few weeks ago? You should totally print it out and pop it in.

Clean Gnashers, FTW


Electric toothbrush, Boots, £24.99

Okay okay so toothbrushes aren’t the sexiest of gifts but hear us out on this: if you buy them a nice little eleccy toothbrush, you can tell them to keep it at yours for when they stay over. Also there’s nothing sexier than gum health, in our honest opinion.


Aubergine bath bomb, Lush, £3.95

If you’re into subtle messaging – and by that we mean as subtle as a house brick – why not buy your lover an aubergine emoji bath bomb? And, in the words of KC & The Sunshine Band, get down tonight.