Vegan 'Egg' Made From Algae Could Fulfil Your Wildest Baking Dreams

Unleash your inner Mary Berry.

If turning vegan has made your baking hobby more hassle than it’s worth, a new egg substitute could save the day.

The product, aptly named Vegan Egg, is made with algae flour and protein.

It can be used in replacement of eggs to create anything from cookies to muffins, cakes and omelettes.

The eggs are available to buy from Holland & Barratt, but come with a pretty hefty price tag of £7.99 per box.

Getty / HuffPost UK

It is estimated that at least 542,000 people in Britain are now following a vegan diet, according to the Vegan Society.

People who follow the diet do not consume any animal products including meat, fish, milk, cheese, eggs and honey.

The new vegan ‘eggs’, which hit UK shelves this week, contain: whole algal flour, whole algal protein, vegan friendly stabilisers (used to preserve structure), a plant-based firming agent, nutritional yeast and black salt.

“Delight in the taste and texture of eggs with this incredible new whole egg replacer,” reads the Holland & Barratt website.

“Enjoy the versatility you expect from eggs while creating a more humane world.”

Despite the box looking a tad on the small side, the egg mixture comes in powder form - so a 114g box equals 12 eggs.

The eggs contain 4.4g of fibre per serving (the recommended average intake for adults is 18g per day), and contain half the calories of hen’s eggs. They are also naturally high in healthy fats, amino acids and micro-nutrients.

Here are just some of the dishes you can make with them:


Scrambled Egg On Toast

Breakfast Burritos