Veganism Is A Woman's Lifestyle, According To Statistics

Veganism Is A Woman's Lifestyle

It isn't always easy being vegan. With so much of mainstream food culture obsessing over meat -- ahem, bacon -- and the rest of it addicted to butter, following a vegan diet can take a bit of work and a whole lot of will. It's no wonder that veganism is largely a woman's lifestyle, men just don't have what it takes. (Of course, we say that in jest... mostly.)

According to data presented in an infographic by, out of the mere 1 million Americans that are vegan, 79 percent of them are women. That's a significant majority. When it comes to vegetarians, the gender divide is not as severe. It's actually more equally split: 59 percent women and 41 percent men.

We're not sure what exactly it means that there's such a significant female majority when it comes to vegans -- that women are more dedicated, more hardcore, more health conscious, more compassionate??? -- but we're pretty sure it supports the theory that men are from Mars and women are from Venus.

Check out more interesting facts about vegans (like the fact that 42 percent of people became vegan after watching an educational film).

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