Vegans Are Calling Their Cheese 'Gary' Following This Woman's Hilarious Facebook Rant

Anyone for a Gary board? 🧀

After the launch of Sainsbury’s new vegan cheese range, a woman took to Facebook to complain that cheese made from coconut is “not cheese”.

In her online rant, she suggested vegans should call their non-dairy cheese “Gary or something”.

The vegan community took the rant in good spirits and have now vowed to call all vegan cheese products Gary henceforth.

Gary, is that you?
MAIKA 777 via Getty Images
Gary, is that you?

The anonymous “real cheese fan” took to Facebook to complain about what was, in her opinion, an atrocity.

She wrote: “If you’re going to be a vegan, don’t call your vegan cheese BECAUSE IT’S NOT CHEESE!!!

“As a real cheese fan myself it’s annoyed me that Sainsbury’s have brought out a ‘vegan cheese’ made with COCONUTS.


“Call it Gary or something, don’t call it cheese because IT’S NOT CHEESE.”

The post continues with more cheese (and vegan cheese)-related anger, including telling Sainsbury’s to “F off” and uninviting all vegans to her future cheese and wine parties.

After her post went viral, being picked up by the likes of Vegan Life Magazine, the vegan community responded. And it was truly hilarious.

There’s now a petition on to officially change the name of vegan cheese to ‘Gary’ and a Facebook page dedicated to the cause, too.

Meanwhile the woman who posted the angry rant has since apologised to the vegan community and is even considering trying some of their Gary.

What a time to be alive.