18/04/2018 10:41 BST | Updated 18/04/2018 14:06 BST

Aussie Cafe Serves 'Deconstructed' Vegemite On Toast - Would You Pay £3.80 For It?

People are outraged.

Thought you’d seen all the ways people could ruin your favourite foods and then charge you triple the price? Think again.

A cafe in Newcastle near Sydney, has been criticised after serving up a (rather inventive) reimagining of Vegemite toast for the grand price tag of $7 Australian dollars. This is roughly £3.80.

The offending dish at Core Espresso is made up of two slices of (fairly dry looking) toast, a smear of spread, and a little lump of butter. Garnished with an indistinguishable sprig. Not to mention it is all on a wooden chopping board.

The cafe owners told The Guardian that the idea behind it was that every individual visitor has an ideal ratio of butter and Vegemite, and they didn’t want to decide that on the customer’s behalf. 

A sensible proposition on paper, but one that might have fallen apart on the execution. 

And people didn’t hold back in holding the cafe to account, with accusations that it is the “height of wankerism” and, of course, all the fault of the hipsters.

But they aren’t the only guilty party. Twitter users shared their images of the same offering elsewhere (with a similarly disgusting looking smear). 

Others tried to see the silver lining on this dark Vegemite cloud. 

And the real Vegemite fans decided to share their own versions of Vegemite on toast, to show how it is really done.

The outrage has been so widespread that the cafe has since said on Instagram: “We vow to put the butter on the toast from this day forward.” As for the Vegemite, we’re not so sure.

We can only hope that the deconstructed breakfast doesn’t follow in the footsteps of other Australian foods - such as flat white coffee - and try to infiltrate the humble British cafe.