23/12/2020 08:42 GMT

Victoria Beckham Shares Incredible Spice Girls Throwback Clip: 'In My Defence I Was Really Hungover'

The singer-turned-fashionista has explained her behaviour in the decades-old footage.

Victoria Beckham has shared an epic throwback clip from her Spice Girls days, which shows her struggling her way through a press conference on a hangover.

The Instagram account Saint Hoax unearthed the footage in question, which shows the rest of the Spice Girls enthusiastically chatting to journalists while Victoria sits quietly, looking rather stony-faced.

As Melanie C discusses her own musical influences, Victoria can be seen putting her head in her heads.

Eventually, she abruptly walks away from the discussion, with the rest of the Spice Girls not even flinching as Victoria heads backstage.

Saint Hoax captioned the video “Victoria is me on every Zoom call”, but Posh has now shared the truth about the clip, admitting she’d somewhat overindulged the night before.

“In my defence I was really hungover!” she told her Instagram followers, after posting the footage on her own story.

Instagram/Victoria Beckham
A screengrab of Victoria's Instagram story

Although Victoria might seem like a reluctant Spice Girl these days (she was, after all, the only member of the band to turn down a spot on their reunion tour last year), she has actually leaned into her pop star past in recent years.

Last year, she was seen getting stuck in when she was surprised by a Spice Girls drag tribute at her London Fashion Week party, and in 2018, threw some serious shapes to Spice Up Your Life on the dance floor at a similar event.

Meanwhile, Emma Bunton teased over the summer that all five Spice Girls – yes, including Victoria – had been for a socially-distanced walk, although it turned out to be a less-than-glamorous stroll through the woods in the pouring rain.

United Archives via Getty Images
The Spice Girls pictured in the early days of their pop career

“This time last year we were performing at Wembley all glammed up – well this year we were in wellies, walking in the rain,” she joked. “Yes, there’s something you don’t see every day – five Spice Girls in their wellies.”

This latest Spice Girls meet-up came just as Channel 4 announced a new documentary about the band was in the works, which was supposed to air this year.