Victoria Beckham Hilariously Rips Husband David’s Shiny Teeth: ‘Is He Wearing These In For Someone Else?’

Over to you David...

Victoria Beckham has hilariously ripped into husband David Beckham and his pearly whites.

The fashion designer couldn’t resist having a dig at the footballer after she was gifted an advent calendar from a fan, which was personalised with a photograph of the Beckham clan outside their Cotswolds home.

Victoria couldn't resist having a dig at husband David's teeth in the picture used on the advent calendar.
Victoria couldn't resist having a dig at husband David's teeth in the picture used on the advent calendar.

“So today I received this incredible advent calendar that was sent to me... How amazing are David’s teeth?” she wrote on Instagram.

“But this is a personalised chocolate advent calendar and it was given to me by Kevin, who is a Spice Girls fan – a fan for 25 years – and he has written the most incredible letter that’s really touched me actually.

“We really do have the most wonderful Spice Girls fans. I feel so blessed and so lucky and I love this. Thank you so much Kevin – and once again, check out my husband’s teeth.”

She then joked: “I mean… Is @davidbeckham wearing these teeth in for someone else?!?”

David and Victoria Beckham
David and Victoria Beckham

It’s not the first time Victoria has publicly taken the Michael out of her husband.

Earlier this month she made another playful dig after a photo showing David in an eye-catching pair of boots went viral.

Victoria posted a photo of herself and David posing in their poppies in honour of Remembrance Day.

“Wearing our poppies with pride today!” she wrote, alongside a picture of herself and David wrapped up outside.

While the sentiment of the post was praised by many, a select few were distracted by David’s choice of footwear, which quickly began doing the rounds online.

But while David’s boots led to him being compared to everyone from Hagrid to Santa Claus, Victoria had a rather different character in mind when she made a savage comment about them on her Instagram story.

“Gaston wants his boots back,” the former Spice Girls star and fashion designer joked, sharing a picture of the classic Disney villain, as well as the same photo of David.


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