Victoria Beckham's New Vogue Shoot Is So Real, It's Everything

Dressing gown chic is a thing, guys.

Victoria Beckham wants us all to know she’s a woman of the people, and we’re totally on board.

Sure, she may have landed her 17th Vogue cover and just dropped another range of dresses as much as our rents, but now she’s got a makeup range we can actually afford. She’s penned a list of her crippling teenage insecurities and let slip she was drunk when she first met David.

She’s wearing a coat as a makeshift dressing gown on the front of a national magazine (we only braved it to answer the door to the postman).


Gone is the old Vogue VB showing off her 13-strong engagement ring collection, the October Vogue VB is basically of us this autumn.

Two words: loungewear goals. Because who wants to leave the house when you could hibernate in bed until it’s spring again?


Getting dressed? Why bother.


This is the new era of Beckham. So luxe, yet so relatable.

Honestly who else could make a £16 sheet mask look this chic and get away with presenting couture collections in a Santa hat?

Read Victoria’s open letter in full in the October issue of Vogue, on sale Thursday 8 September.

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