Vigil Episode 2: The 8 Burning Questions We Now Have

Just when it looked like DCI Amy Silva had found Craig Burke's killer, there was a major curveball.

First Burke, now Jade – Vigil is really hitting us with these shock deaths, isn’t it?

The BBC’s nautical-themed Murder On The Orient Express continued on Monday night, after an intriguing first episode that killed off Martin Compston’s character within the first eight minutes.

As the hunt for Craig Burke’s killer continued, DCI Amy Silva (Suranne Jones) faced more resistance and hostility from the HMS Vigil crew, but just when it looked like she’d gotten to the truth, a stain on Burke’s missing fleece took the investigation in a whole new direction.

Suranne Jones in a promo image for Vigil
Suranne Jones in a promo image for Vigil
Nicky Hamilton/BBC/World Productions

And then to top things off, Burke’s girlfriend Jade was found dead, just as it looked like she was about to get some answers about his death.

Following the shocking climax of the second episode, here’s the eight questions we’ve been left asking...

What caused the emergency shutdown?

Was it a legitimate loss of power, or did someone on board HMS Vigil deliberately cause the shutdown, perhaps as a diversion tactic in the hope of derailing DCI Silva’s investigation?

Who staged the burglary at Silva’s house, and what were they trying to find?

Mark Mainz/BBC/World Productions

DS Longacre did not tell anyone on the Navy side what she’d discovered in Burke’s room, but Branning was highly suspicious of her. Did she tip someone off to search her home? Or, has someone else been watching Longacre, and were they aware she was in possession of the USB?

What is in the password-protected files?

Prior to Jade’s death, she shared the password to the files on the USB with DS Longacre – what will they reveal?

Will Prentice face any repercussions?

BBC/World Productions

Following the discovery of a yellow substance on Burke’s fleece, Silva now concluded he was killed by poisoning, with Prentice wrongly believing he was responsible for his death after punching him.

While he appears to be exonerated in Silva’s eyes, will he face further action from Captain Joseph, having already been stood down?

Is Prentice even telling the truth?

Could Prentice’s confession perhaps be a cover story for the real perpetrator – one perhaps Prentice is terrified of? Let’s not forget that Prentice knew about Burke’s relationship with Jade, therefore meaning he was aware of his connection to the anti-Trident movement.

So, who poisoned Burke?

We’re stumped at this point. Good luck working this one out, Silva.

Will Adams die?

Adams gave Burke mouth-to-mouth in an attempt to resuscitate him, and has been ill ever since.

With it now apparent Adams has come into contact with the poison that seemingly killed Burke, will he recover?

Who killed Jade?

Mark Mainz/BBC/World Productions

At the end of the episode, Jade was shockingly found drowned in a lake after arranging to meet a mysterious figure she believed would be able to provide answers about Burke’s death.

Her killing and the break-in at Silva’s house both prove there is a link between the events happening out at sea and on the shore, so did someone order Jade’s death, and who is pulling all the strings?

Vigil continues on Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.


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