There's A Petition To Launch A Vulva-Shaped Spaceship Because Why Not?

It's about time we had more female representation up in space.
Space gets a little more diverse
WBF Aeronautics
Space gets a little more diverse

Look around any city – you’ll seldom find a skyscraper that isn’t phallic in some way. Such are the signs of male supremacy wherever we look.

But just because us earthly beings occupy these penile-resemblant environments doesn’t mean astronauts have to.

Behold the vulva spaceship.

A German feminist group, Wer Braucht Feminismus? (which translates as “who needs feminism?”) has created a distinctly vulval spaceship – and here’s the best bit. It’s said to be more convenient for space travel than its traditional phallic counterpart.

The ship was created by WBF Areonautics to create more space diversity and show that the solar system is open to everyone, regardless of gender.

And the rounded shape of the vulva spaceship is said to be “surprisingly aerodynamic”, meaning it experiences less drag while travelling through the earth’s atmosphere.

In the wake of the last year’s race of the rocket men – which saw billionaires Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Richard Branson each put their massive... wealth... into shooting for the stars, this feels like a pleasingly welcome development.

The folks from WBF Aeronautics have now launched a petition to get the rocket off to launch. They need 500,000 signatures for it to be considered by the European Space Agency.

On the petition, they write: “The vulva spaceship represents inclusivity, varying from traditional shapes. Thus, the project adds another dimension to the representation of humanity in space and is communicating to the world that anyone has a place in the universe, regardless of physical characteristics.”

Dr. Lucia Hartmann, head of WBF Aeronautics and inventor of the vulva spaceship, adds: “The spaceship’s shape is surprisingly aerodynamic, creating way less drag than when the vehicle punches through the Earth’s atmosphere. Due to this optimised V-shape, it guarantees maximum fuel efficiency with an exterior made of reinforced carbon which enables it to withstand the most extreme temperatures.

“WBF Aeronautics wants to inspire space travel to be open to modern forms and to realise equal opportunities across the universe.”

That’s one giant leap for womankind.

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