Walkers' Sandwich-Inspired Crisps Have Made A Lot Of People Mad

'Why do your sausage and brown sauce crisps taste like off meat?!'

Walkers has released a new selection of sandwich-inspired crisps, which have left the nation well and truly divided.

The flavours include: roast chicken and mayonnaise; sausage and brown sauce; ham and mustard; cheese toastie and Worcester sauce; bacon and tomato ketchup; and finally cheese, cucumber and salad cream.

While some have been pleasantly surprised by the unusual flavours, others have said they taste like “sick” and “gone off meat”.

Walkers teamed up with Heinz to release the new crisp flavours in August. The limited edition packs will only be available for 11 weeks.

Thomas Barkholt, marketing director at PepsiCo, said the campaign is based on “strong insights around the importance of sandwiches and snacks to British consumers”.

“Crisps are a regular feature at lunchtime for many people,” he said. “So we came up with a concept that would incorporate them both; giving Brits the chance to try the great taste of their favourite sandwiches in crisp format.”

Positive reviews included one person saying they loved the “accurate synthesis of salad cream” in the cheese, cucumber and salad cream crisps.

But the majority were not impressed.

Many snackers even started to lose their minds over the fact Walkers had teamed bacon with ketchup, and brown sauce with sausage.

One guy went as far as saying the crisps represented “an erratic, careless and ultimately incorrect representation of the best of British sandwiches” and that “everybody knows brown is better lavished across several strips of bacon, while a thick meaty sausage is better served with a dash of red”.

The Huffington Post UK has reached out to Walkers for comment.