'Walking Dead' Delivers A Carol Easter Egg On Easter

This is a moment we've been waiting for since Season 2.

In many ways, “The Walking Dead” is a perfect show for Easter. People are constantly rising from the dead, everyone’s always crying like that picture of you with a costumed bunny at the mall, and the show’s full of Easter eggs.

This holy weekend, the series exceeded expectations by resurrecting an old storyline and giving us a scene we’ve been waiting for since Season 2.

In the episode “Still Gotta Mean Something,” Carol (Melissa McBride) went on a journey to find Henry (Macsen Lintz), who’s been missing from Hilltop since accidentally letting the Savior prisoners escape in last week’s show.

It really wasn’t looking good for this kid. After he opened the gate to a pen filled with Savior captives in an effort to kill the person who murdered his brother, Henry was pushed over and then was nowhere in sight as the Saviors fled. At the same time, zombies were attacking the Hilltop after healthy residents turned undead thanks to cuts from the Saviors’ zombie-blood tainted weapons, so the odds were definitely against Henry.

But Carol’s been in this situation before.

The survivors spent a big part of Season 2 looking for Carol’s missing daughter Sophia (Madison Lintz), only to learn she was a zombie in a barn the whole time.

After Carol and Morgan (Lennie James) discovered Henry’s weapon, a sharpened stick, sticking out of a zombie, it seemed the boy might receive a similar fate.

Then, somehow, Carol actually found him, and the whole scene turned into a big Easter egg/callback for Sophia. You see, the actress who plays Sophia and the actor who plays Henry are siblings in real life.

So about six seasons after Madison’s Sophia went missing, Carol was able to find her real-life brother.

The discovery scene is basically a mirror image of the last time we saw Sophia alive, when Rick (Andrew Lincoln) left her hiding under roots in a stream while he diverted zombies.

The face of someone who knows this is a crappy plan.
The face of someone who knows this is a crappy plan.

In an email interview with HuffPost, Macsen reflected on the callback to his sister.

“Definitely ironic,” he said, “An Easter egg on Easter for the true ‘Walking Dead’ fans. Us Lintz kids have to stop getting lost like this!”

We second that, dude.

“It was actually really hard,” he said of the scene. “The water was freezing and mud was creeping inside my wetsuit. Zombies were coming at me. I earned my paycheck that night.”

In an interview last year, his sister Madison told HuffPost she was touched that her brother’s character was so connected to hers, adding, “I think it’s so weird, and I love hearing about everything he’s doing on set. I’m super proud of him.”


Henry’s character has taken on a darker demeanor this season, but according to Macsen, he may be getting back to his old self now.

“We do see him go back to how he originally was when Carol finds him. I think he realizes that he is just a kid and the adults should take care of this kind of thing.”

And for those wondering why Henry opened the Savior pen in the first place, Macsen agrees it was not a good move.

“It was definitely one of the dumber things he’s done. But, if someone killed my brother I would want to know who it was, too. I can’t blame him too much. Twelve-year-olds don’t always think things through.”

For anyone else on “Walking Dead” who’s thinking about opening an enclosure full of Saviors, please don’t. Henry’s survival this week is just an Easter miracle.

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