10 Genius Wallpaper Ideas You Haven't Thought Of Yet

Sure, everyone's seen the DIY project that involves bringing new life to bookshelves by backing them with a brightly patterned wallpaper -- but we say it's time to think even more outside the roll.

Everyone's seen the DIY wallpaper project that involves bringing new life to bookshelves, but we say it's time to think even more outside the roll.

From modern canvas art to bold kitchen backsplashes, wallpaper is quickly becoming so much more than a great paint-free way to quickly fill a blank wall. It can be used on almost anything in every room of the house, and its impressive versatility is definitely catching our eye.

Still not convinced? The inspiring (and inventive) examples below should surely do the trick.

1. Cover your windows.

Paper vinyl shades and consider it the perfect alternative to other window treatments.

2. Line your closet.

Give that closet the punch of personality that's often found in custom wardrobes.

3. Add some trimming.

Think wallpaper boarders are out of style? Think again and contrast away.

4. Refinish your furniture.

Even the most dated dresser can be given new life with this technique.

5. Make a headboard.

Bring your bed to center stage by framing your favorite wall paper.

6. Update your fireplace.

Forget exposed brick and rustic stone -- it's all about print and pattern now.

7. Freshen up your doors.

Not ready to commit to an entire wall? This is the place to splash that pattern.

8. Take it to the ceiling.

If ceilings can now be painted, doesn't wallpaper deserve the luxury of testing new heights, as well?

9. Create some art.

Cover a canvas or slip some samples in frames, et voilà!

10. Add a backsplash.

It's the ideal way to update your kitchen that doesn't include the tiny tiles and messy grout.

And for more inspiring ways to switch things up at home, visit our friends at Domino.

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