Watch Blue Origin's New Shepard Rocket Make An Incredible Fast Descent Landing

Now that's how you land a giant rocket.

Now this is something special.

Here's some drone footage of private space firm Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket going from a complete freefall to rapid deceleration in a matter of seconds before safely landing on the desert floor.

This will be the third successful trip by the company's rocket having previously made it to space and back before.

What set this particular mission apart however was the level of difficulty.

This time the team decided to try a fast descent giving the landing system only 3,600ft to slow down, stabilise and then land.

For the record this won't be normal procedure as it's incredibly risky, but what it does show is that New Shepard is incredibly versatile.

Private space corporation Blue Origin have been competing with Elon Musk's Space X to create the first reliable, reusable rocket booster.