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WATCH: Gender-Based Violence -- Why Women Are So Afraid In SA

“We have no choice but to be afraid,” says a young South African woman to an older one. Watch this dialogue on the traumatic effects of Gender-Based Violence.
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Older woman consoling a younger distressed woman
Older woman consoling a younger distressed woman

The hostility on women is palpable in this country. The notion that women's bodies are for public consumption is unrelenting. Over 50% of women in this country die because of unnatural deaths – mainly at the hands of their intimate partners, yet only 1 in 9 woman report rape to the police.

In this video, we speak to Researcher and Writer, Prof Nomboniso Gasa, whose work focuses on issues of land, politics, culture, and gender. Gasa is in conversation with Radio Executive Producer, Nolwazi Tusini, who calls herself 'a black feminist and has throughout her career, brought conversations into the commercial radio space that directly affect women. They discuss breaking the cycle of gender-based violence and the notion of fear from different (generational) perspectives:

1. Perfect Laws vs Implementation

2: How Safe Do Women Feel In SA?

3: How The Cycle Of Violence Can Be Broken?

4: The Role of Alcohol in Violence And Abuse

Make your mark against a world that sees women as less than what they are – a world free of all forms of gender-based violence and women abuse. Visit or follow #strideforgood on social media.


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