Wearable 'Skin' Could Bring Us One Step Closer To An Invisibility Cloak

So there's some good news and some bad news...

Scientists at Iowa State University have created a wearable 'skin' which could make you invisible to certain cameras.

While it's not the Harry Potter invisibility cloak we desperately crave for it's a metamaterial that can hide objects from radar.

Iowa State University

The researchers developed a sheet of material which uses a liquid metal alloy called galinstan.

Formed into rings, the galinstan is then able to disrupt radar waves and suppress radar waves by up to 75 per cent.

Pool via Getty Images

While the technology won't keep you hidden from the human eye the technology could be used to hide the next generation of stealth fighters.

The researchers also see the technology as a means of hiding smaller more covert objects from electronics to general military equipment.

Created using metamaterials (materials not found in nature), there are going to be some hurdles to overcome as the skin itself is still incredibly difficult to manufacture in large quantities.


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