Wearing White To A Wedding Etiquette: Is This Dress 'Too White' For A Guest?

Plus a huge new dress faux-pas we've never even thought about. Yay!

We all know the rule: never wear white to a wedding, unless you’re the bride. But how white is too white? Can there be any white? I mean, what if white is your colour?

Here to help you work out if you’re making a total dick move are keepers of the internet’s wisdom - users on Reddit.

Redditor honeycomehome shared a picture of her proposed dress below (ModCloth’s Botanical Breakfast Dress, £46) along with the question: “Is this dress too white to wear to a wedding?”.


Some people were totally down for the idea.

Others approved but had v strong feelings on the subject.

Many replied with the age-old etiquette rule of thumb, ‘If you have to ask if it’s ok, it’s probably not’.

But out of the whole dress dress debate, came one true pearl of wisdom.

No, not that it’s important to be comfortable (we all knew that, duh), but that wearing a pattered dress is always a good option because what if you accidentally wear a similar dress to the bridesmaids?


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